Hawaii Weddings performed by Captain Howie

Greetings from the home of Above Heaven's Gate

Aloha, I am Rev./Capt. Howie, a non-denominational minister and Maritime Captain residing in the Hawaiian Islands. I have been performing Weddings in Hawaii for over 30 years. I am also called Capt. Howie, as I am a Master Captain licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard. My hobbies include sailing, bodysurfing, hiking, camping, nature photography, tropical horticulture, dog training, spiritual philosophy, and of course performing Weddings in Hawaii. I also breed and protect exotic and endangered parrots and some Hawaiian exotic sea birds.

Rev./Capt. Howie's Hawaii Weddings – A Bit to the Left

I take great pride in being a product of the 60's counter culture, the psychedelic revolution and even a veteran of the original Woodstock Festival. After graduating college in 1970 with degrees in both Psychology and Zoology, with one foot in the door of medical school, I chose to take a hard left turn and dedicate my life fully to spiritual pursuits. To make a long story short, after living and studying in various monasteries for many years, and becoming an ordained priest, I felt a calling to dedicate myself to performing very meaningful and spiritual Hawaiian weddings. So here I am over 30 years later, still performing Hawaiian wedding packages and loving it!

Capt. Howie's Favorite Hawaiian Wedding Locations

A few of our favorite Hawaiian wedding package locations include off-the-beaten-path white sand beaches, lush Hawaii Wedding gardens with tropical waterfalls, tiny secluded off-shore islands, and ceremonies aboard the majestic Lotus Flower; a beautiful 56' teakwood sailing ship patterned after the original Mayflower. I had the pleasure of skippering this awesome vessel from Canada over 30 years ago for our Hawaiian weddings packages. I've sailed a number of our Hawaii wedding couples out to the original Gilligan's Island, and others to locations where scenes from Jurassic Park were filmed to fulfill their “dream wedding in Hawaii”. Check Capt. Howie's other Great Hawaii Wedding Package Locations.

Photographing your Wedding in Hawaii

We can also provide you with unsurpassed photography and videography for your wedding package in Hawaii, at very reasonable prices. In this way, you'll be able to share the unique experience and memories of your Hawaiian wedding package with family and friends. Our award winning Wedding Photography speaks for itself. Check out our Wedding Photo Gallery.

Hawaii Wedding Flowers

Flowers and leis are a symbol of aloha and have always played a distinctive role in Hawaii Weddings. Wearing locally grown tropical flowers is half the fun of getting married in Hawaii. According to our season, availability, and your individual taste, we can make the ideal floral arrangements for your wedding in Hawaii package. Rather than include ordinary “el cheapo” tourist leis with our Hawaiian wedding ceremonies, we prefer to have you make your own selection from our list of exotic Hawaii Wedding Flowers. It will be our pleasure to assist you in this regard. Check out our vast selection of Hawaii Wedding Flowers and Leis.

Blowing the Conch Shell at One of Our Hawaii Beach Weddings

In keeping with our islands traditions, I always blow a Hawaiian conch shell three times before each Hawaii Wedding. This prelude is the Hawaiian's way of begging the Lord's Divine Presence. Additionally, I am always honored to chant an ancient Hawaiian blessing as a further grace upon our Hawaii wedding ceremonies.

A Little “Wedding in Hawaii” Philosophy

Over and above all the details of your wedding in Hawaii (e.g. photography, video, flowers, etc.), Capt. Howie feels his most important service is to help you open up your hearts and focus deeply on your sacred commitment. This commitment is so divine, we call it a covenant. All marriages face challenges in time. However, only those couples willing to weather through the inevitable storms that lie ahead will taste the unlimited nectar of Divine Love. Capt. Howie does not read or recite a standard, hackneyed wedding spiel. Rather, after speaking with you before the ceremony, he composes personalized words that focus on the Divine Nature of love and the true essence of your special day in paradise.

Performing Hawaiian Weddings is a Divine Blessing & Privilege

Honestly, there is nothing I enjoy more than arranging and performing Weddings in our island's most romantic and picturesque nature settings. My loving wife Deva shares in this joy with me and assists in every detail. We truly believe God has blessed us with the honor of performing sacred marriages in Hawaii. With much Aloha, Rev./Capt. Howie.